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As the title says, I'm am opening commissions for my services. I've been putting it off for a while, having confidence issues, and overall not liking that I'm broke 80% of the time. 

So what is it that I do? I LOVE doing chiaroscuro themed paintings that were born from the baroque period and I think by now after nearly two years of study I have a firm grasp on how it works. For those of you who don't know, chiaroscuro is an art theme that centers around really dark backgrounds and using single sourced lighting to make a very dramatic scene.

It inst something I do exclusively however, I can take a crack at just about anything that's asked of me. I just do this style more especially well since to me its extremely mesmerizing and dynamic. 

Here's a few pieces from my gallery that I suppose look fairly nice: 

Lost in No Man's Land by SethWoll

Practice Portrait by SethWoll

Mature Content

Too Far Off The Boat by SethWoll

Mountain Hike by SethWoll

Breaking the Clouds by SethWoll

Discovery in the Dark by SethWoll

My Price range:

Line Art - 5$-10$ (usually assume 5$ unless its a large scene) 
Head Piece -15$
Portrait Chest Up - 25$ 
Full Body Portrait -35$
Full Scene - 35$-60$(Complexity dependent, please talk to me about it)
Landscape - 30$-80$ (Again, complexity dependent so please talk to me about it)

As of now I will take on three active request slots and I will post these status's upon bumping the topic. Generally it should take me no less than ten days to complete, please understand that I am part time student right now and I will send notifications if anything that might effect completion time comes up. 

My terms/conditions:

Upon talking to my client and agreeing on the composition I will make a very rough preliminary sketch with general value mapping and I will send it to them for conformation. This is a very good point in time to ask for adjustments as to where I wont charge. If the piece is very complex and will require a great deal of time then I need 50% of the final charge upfront. Upon completion of the piece I will request the client to give full price to my paypal and upon confirming that my payment has been made I can send the full resolution image as a jpeg to my clients email or whatever other method they wish. If my work is planned to be used with anything related to business products please notify me. My work is NOT for resale. 

My adjustments policy:

If you see any anomalies that need fixing or little slights that bother you then I will fix these for free as they're just little fixer ups. However, if you ask for any additions that may take some time the charge can usually run between 5$ to 10$ or possibly higher depending on what kind of addition or alteration it is. I doubt this will happen often but I might as well make note of it. 

As a final word before wrapping this up, here's a few things I really like doing in terms of possible settings:

Warhammer Fantasy
Warhammer 40k
Star Wars
General Fantasy
General Landscape 
Napoleonic wars
Erotic/Pin Up Pieces 
Anything Logo related

That's about the size of it folks. Thank you for reading and considering a commission, and if your interested send a note. If you would like talking about pricing then please feel free. 
Another Caravaggio Study
As the title says folks, just another study I decided to share : p

This time I felt like experimenting with how to apply Caravaggio's late painting method to Photoshop and it worked fairly well.... aka just make a black and white under painting and overlay with other layers and polish like quite a few other artists do. But this time I'm glad that it worked out for me in the end since for me its kind of intimidating to use multiply or overlay layers to color up an under painting based composition. What I really enjoyed about doing it however was the direct control of value and lighting which has eluded me whenever I do full on colored paintings.

Anyways, thanks for viewing and if you feel like doing so feel free to critique or share thoughts. Thanks 
Lost in No Man's Land
Decided to do some 40k again after forever ago and felt like portraying my favorite Imperial Guard Legion. As we see here, our tough as nails guardsmen (or guardswoman, I dunno) appears to have been disconnected from her unit and is way too far off the grid amid pockets of fighting. The lines have disintegrated into clusters as the planets thick polluted clouds move in to cover the sun until finally it was as black as night. Armed with only a flamer on half tank, she must traverse the worn, muddy and debris covered ground until she can find and join a guardsman unit that's still surviving amidst a chaotic and directionless battle. 

Almost decided to put a burning leman russ in the background but it kinda messed with the scaling of the painting as a whole so... no burning tank :x 

I would also say this painting has been a little boring in terms of composition but I do promise that I have a few more exciting or more visually pleasing ones on the way. Thanks for viewing/commenting, and if you really liked it maybe you can see my gallery and consider a watch. 
Practice Portrait
Decided to do a quickie with practicing portraits and also to see how I can fair with trying to use value painting first hand and adding color later to try and imitate a more baroque looking themed piece. I guess it sorta worked out but I also feel there's a little too much exposure and possibly over saturation of orange colors. Also I think I did that thing again were I use the soft round brush too much to cover out the paint strokes :L 

In all though I think it was good practice. Thanks for viewing and please feel free to comment or critique :)
Man in Armor - Rembrandt/Brushwork Study
Latest piece of work I was able to finish last night. This was primarily done to help myself get a more firm grasp on how not to be so uptight about brushstrokes and how to make sure the subjects in the painting don't look like plastic like in some of my other works. I guess it was one of those things that made me have a not so fond feeling about them after they got finished. Also this one was a very good trial for a new set of mixed brushes that I was able to gather together and make a custom list of for Photoshop to help get a more traditional painted look.

Thank you for viewing and as always, comments and critiques are most welcome. 


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Seth Woll
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You could say I've been into art since the day I was born, and since then, I always had an urge to create and improve my skills. Just last year I began to do digital art, and I really do hope to become a professional freelancer, director, ect.



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